LiveAquaria Fills Diver’s Den with McCulloch’s Clownfish


McCulloch's Clownfish on LiveAquaria

Yesterday we found out from ORA that they had successfully raised captive-bred McCulloch’s Clownfish from eggs sent to them by Kevin Kohen and the crew at LiveAquaria. Well, later that same evening, the Diver’s Den section got a taste of these captive-bred beauties, with four different juveniles becoming available to impatiently awaiting hobbyists. At $400 a pop, most aquarium keepers might balk at the price, but given the fact that these fish came into the hobby only a few years ago at $6000 a pair, this is a huge drop and for the first time these fish are affordable. Almost immediately after going live, two of the clownfish were snapped up, and we don’t expect the other two to last much longer. Fortunately, these four individuals are nowhere near the last of what’s to come. ORA is already adding them to their availability list and we’re sure LiveAquaria will have recurring clowns on their site. Now we’ll just have to wait and see how long it will take before a McCulloch’s clown with some insane patterning becomes available.


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