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Here’s some potentially bad news for the nano tank crowd. The popular nano aquarium DIY gurus at Nanotuners (aka Nanocustoms) have apologetically announced that they are ending their “consumer facing operations”, and are instead switching gears. While we haven’t been able to clarify exactly what these statements mean as of  yet, we assume this to mean that Nanotuners isn’t going out business, but are perhaps moving into more of a distributor-based network. This is a typical move for growing businesses, as it puts more of the burden of product distribution onto the shoulders of stores and wholesalers. Again, this is all speculation on our part and we’ll update with more information as it unfolds.

The original story dug up by our friends at Marine Engineers. A full press release from Nanocustoms can be read below.

Nov 16, 2004 – Oct 27, 2011

It is with great sadness to announce the end of consumer facing operations at Nanotuners/Nanocustoms. After nearly 8 years as a direct to consumer operation, we are changing gears.

For those customers who have been along for the ride, we thank you for your support. From our humble beginnings on a dining room table, to our latest endeavors, you have been the driving force behind our creativity. A hobbyist to the very core, I am eternally Grateful.

To those customers in the past 3 weeks whom we have been out of contact with, I am truly sorry and ashamed. Our email system has been down since early October, with my sole contact being at

Please contact me through this email address and I will be right in touch. Refunds will be issued in Full to all remaining orders. Custom orders for CNCd products (hybrids + retros + fixtures) will be filled within 3 weeks.

It has been my utmost pleasure serving and growing with the community. INNOVATE OR DIE!


Cheers & Good Luck.

Christopher Jung
Founder & CEO – Nanocustoms/Nanotuners


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