Picture of the Week, ORA Sprung’s Stunner


ORA Sprung's Stunner at Fish Gallery
Pictured in the latest installment of the AquaNerd Picture of the Week is a glowing ORA Sprung’s Stunner seen in a gorgeous Kessil powered nano aquarium at Fish Gallery. This piece is a relatively new addition to ORA’s growing lineup of aquacultured corals and takes its name from Two Little Fishies owner Julian Sprung. Julian originally got this coral several years ago from a store in German, and although it looks identical to the Hollywood Stunner, the two corals can’t be traced back to the same origin prompting ORA to come up with their own twist on the name. Regardless of the name, the coral truly is a stunner and looks great under intensely blue lighting.

You might also notice a slight change in the headline format of the AquaNerd POTW. We’ve been including the date in previous POTW entries, but felt those are a bit too sterile.


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