Kessil Ocean Blue A150W Shimmering Over Nano Tank


Over the weekend, I had the privilege of speaking to the local aquarium club, the Marine Aquarium and Reef Society of Houston, about aquarium chemistry and certain products that help us maintain that chemistry. The meeting was held at Fish Gallery, a local store that is constantly giving back to the hobby, and I couldn’t leave without getting some footage of this stunning nano reef powered by a single Kessil Ocean Blue A150W LED pendant. The tank is a 29-gallon BioCube that has been heavily modified, and the livestock includes a whole slew of gorgeous corals along with a couple of fish. As far as modifications to the tank go, the hood and stock lighting have been removed and replaced with a Kessil LED pendant. The light is mounted to the tank with a gooseneck style mounting arm that can pivot and bend to direct the light where it’s needed. The rear chambers of the nano tank have been outfitted with a Bubble Magus NAC QQ protein skimmer and a rotating flow diverter was attached to the return pump’s output. Through this combination of features, the Fish Gallery nano tank has been able to thrive, as is clearly obvious, and it gets better each time I visit.


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