The AquaNerd MACNA 2011 Recap


The Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (aka MACNA) is always a huge show that draws in thousands of visitors, all of whom get the privilege of laying eyes on amazing livestock and brand new or even unreleased equipment. While at this year’s show, we took over a thousand photos and shot dozens of videos, compiling a handful of each into the recap video above. A couple of protein skimmers we saw at the show included a massive Deltec TC4580 external protein skimmer churning away and an ATI PowerCone 250i showing off all of its features. The LED products were all over the place, with AquaIlluminations and EcoTech Marine both showing off brand new fixtures to enamored attendees of the show. Ecoxotic was also displaying new LED products at MACNA, with their RGB Panorama Pro modules simulating clouds and mixing up the color spectrum. Also making an appearance is the LED illuminated Eheim AquaStyle nano aquarium, which would make for a perfect desktop aquarium at work or at home.

These were just a small sliver of the products seen at MACNA, and some that really caught our eye. And even though the show is two months in the past, we’re still talking about the products seen there. And as always, stay tuned for more aquarium related news from AquaNerd.


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