Tunze USA Starts a Blog, Sheds Light on Company’s History


Tunze USA Blog

After decades of serving in the aquarium industry, the Germany-based Tunze is finally dipping its toes into the social media outlets commonly seen nowadays. Going through their North American distributor Tunze USA, the brainchild of product guru Roger Vitko, Tunze is hoping to engage more of its customers and reel in some new ones by starting their very own blog. And it seems they are off to an interesting start, as the first few posts include a brief history of the company as well as a look at their very first protein skimmers that were first made available in 1963. This sort of product history gets easily lost with the excitement that usually surrounds new product releases, so it’s quite refreshing to see some appreciation for the predecessors of those new products.

We’ll keep an eye out on this new blog as it is sure to serve as source of Tunze news for all of us. We also encourage you all to head over there and read about Tunze’s history, which we’re sure there will be more of in future posts on the site.


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