The Bay Area Marine Aquarium Conference (BAYMAC) Shutting Its Doors



UPDATE: We’ve recently been told by the original founder of BAYMAC that the show is very much alive and kicking. In fact, a 2012 BAYMAC is currently in the planning stages. For more information, please see our follow up article.

According to a recent Facebook posting, the Bay Area Marine Aquarium Conference (or BAYMAC) that was held earlier this year will be the last ever apparently. The annual conference was already planning for it’s fifth consecutive year when show operators announced that they lost their host, which we assume to have been Chabot College as they have played host to the event in the past. We don’t know all of the details surrounding the host and their decision to pull out of the event, but event coordinators have hinted that it could be resurrected if certain stars align properly…such as getting a new host and an army of volunteers, among a few other things.

You can also read about this story on the Marine Engineers blog.


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  • Joost de Vries

    Guess there has been a misunderstanding, the guy that used to run BAYMAC has retired from the position and has handed over the full responsibility of hosting the event to the local club (BAR). As there is some minor chaos within the club as far as active volunteers goes, the guy I just mentioned expressed his concern about the lack of required man power within the club to get the conference running smoothly. The BOD’s of BAR are however working hard on the conference, and as far as I am aware there will probably be a BAYMAC as usual.  There have been no problems with Chabot as far as I am aware either.

    • I originally saw the information on the BAYMAC Facebook page and it seemed like the show was completely done. It would appear now that the post I was referring to has been removed and planning for the 2012 BAYMAC is underway. We’ll update accordingly. Thanks for the info Joost.

    • The internet is a very strange place.  How information gets changed, reworked and regurgitated is very amusing at times 😀

      I never retired from the position.

      As the founder and president of BAYMAC I started the even with the idea of getting it off the ground and handing it over to BAR.  This years event was going to mark the start of that transition, but, given their 100% BOD transfer this year, they simply cannot do the event.  With out them we lost the venue, workers and legal protection.  That makes putting the event on very hard.  On top of that, even if we could use Chabot, they indicated there would be no night before set-up so that really crimped the event as well.

      Numerous people and companies have stepped forward and asked how they can help.  In the next week or so I will be working with them to see if we can get another worthy space, and everything else we need to make the event successful again.

      I highly suspect BAYMAC is going to happen again this year.

      • Hey Gresh,

        I didn’t have any intention of butchering the story. I think there was a bit of confusion and misunderstanding, as we were going off of a Facebook posting that indicated the things I wrote about above. I honestly wasn’t even aware that you founded BAYMAC, otherwise I would have contacted you directly.

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