Reef Threads Podcasts Are Well Worth the Listen


Reef Threads Podcast
Being an extremely busy individual, I don’t have a lot of time to do too many things outside of my normal routine. With my day job zapping most of my time and energy and the AquaNerd Blog consuming the rest, I have little time for either my family or my aquariums, let alone any new time consuming activities. This lack of time has caused me to miss out on quite a number of opportunities in the saltwater aquarium hobby, one such being the enjoyment of amazing aquarium related resources such as the Reef Threads podcast. I should frame that statement by saying that I’ve know about the podcasts for a while now, but as I said, a complete lack of time has prevented me from sitting down long enough to pay any amount of attention to one of their lengthy shows. Fortunately, through a little intervention by the powers that be, I had that opportunity to soak up an entire show from beginning to end without interruption. At my day job, my company is starting a major project. This project is so big it requires that I be at work at least two straight weeks, followed by a single day off, and then two more weeks. This vicious cycle is supposed to last through March. As luck would have it, there have been some issues occuring during the nighttime hours which have caused me to spend the previous two nights at work, completely alone, trying to solve these issues. During a pretty long stint of downtime, I decided to open up the most recent Reef Threads podcast and let the information flow over me. After all, it was 2 am and I needed a break from the tasks around me. As I sat there and listened to Gary Parr and Christine Williams discuss current events in the aquarium industry, I started to wonder why the hell wasn’t I glued to this resource before. They spend a good 45 minutes talking about nothing but aquariums, offering inciteful thoughts about current news, talking authoritatively about the history of the hobby, and presenting information in a very digestable manner. I have to say now that I’m a fanboy of Reef Threads and I am suggesting to everyone that they need to stop what they are doing and go listen to their show. Download a podcast to your favorite mobile media player or crank it up at your work for all to hear. It’s a great show that’s definitely worth taking the time to listen to.


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