ZEOvit Now Tackling Coral Munching Flatworms


ZEOvit FlatwormStop

Looks like the aquarium hobby is finally getting a reef safe solution to Acropora Eating Flatworms (AEFW) with the help of a new ZEOvit additive. Aptly called FlatwormStop, this additive can be dosed directly into a reef aquarium and is said to strengthen the infected coral’s health while at the same time bringing the sweet release of death to those coral munching pesky flatworms. The FlatwormStop will not harm invertebrates and won’t interfere with naturally occurring biological processes taking place in the tank, so you won’t have to fear waking up to bleached out corals or piles of dead critters…other than flatworms.

A full product description from ZEOvit can be read below.

It should be noted that there are other aquarium de-worming products on the market, and many of these are effective. However, these treatments are geared toward Planaria flatworms instead of AEFW. These treatments usually don’t affect AEFW and aquarium keepers usually have to break down their aquariums and dip their corals in harsh chemicals just to get their corals pest free.

From ZEOvit:

Right now we have an effective help against tissue eating flatworms on Acropora and for ailing SPS.

Flatworm Stop strengthens all kind of corals and reduces parasitical flatworms on Acropora corals at the same time. Very valuable ingredients are assimilated directly after dosage. In our tests also ailing small polyp stony corals recovered and rebuilt the basis as well as gained back the original coloration.

Dosage: 1 ml per 100 Liter tank water. Dose directly into the tank. For ailing corals dosage can be increased to double or triple.

Information taken from ZEOvit via Reef Builders


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  • Jon

    I saw this a while ago and was hoping some would chime in and say they’ve used it.  Anyone reading this with hands on experience using this?  We have yet to have issues with these animals yet, but seeing as so many others have we’re considering additional prophylactic dips specifically for these animals.  (we already use many other dips and have kept anything we would consider pests out our our propagation and display systems)

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