New Coral Booster Additive Coming to the ZEOvit System


Korallen Zucht Coral Booster

Korallen zucht is adding to their long and continually growing list of ZEOvit additives with their new Coral Booster, which not only boosts coral coloration, but is also said to be the perfect complement to Flatworm-Stop. Since both products also boost coral immunity, we can certainly see why those conclusions were drawn. In addition to improving color and immunity, the Coral Booster also balances element difficiencies, provides the most easily usable form of trace elements, and has “special stimuli” for all corals. We assume the special stimuli promote coral polyp extension, but that’s really just an assumption on our part. In terms of sizes, the Coral Booster will be bottled in the typical 250, 500, and 1000ml sizes. The recommended dosing is 1ml per 25-gallons every two days.

With a giant overlap in what most of the ZEOvit additives accomplish in a reef tank, most hobbyists question whether or not they are all really necessary. Having tried the system personally for an extended period of time, I can say that it isn’t mandatory or practical to dose everything in the lineup. The ZEOvit system is very cost prohibitive and it requires strict dedication. That said, each of the different additives do perform different functions in a reef tank, despite the similarities in their descriptions. If it’s a system that you wish to partake of, then be sure to research each additive individually, consult seaoned ZEOheads, and monitor your aquarium very closely.


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