A Brief Glimpse Behind the Scenes at the AquaNerd Blog


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We don’t typically discuss what goes on behind the scenes here at the AquaNerd Blog, as usually those details are boring and drawn out, but recently we’ve been hearing the same set of questions from curious readers and so we decided to reveal a little more about ourselves. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is how we manage to post as many articles per day that we do, with most of them going live during the early hours of the day…as in while everyone’s at work enjoying our articles on the site’s mobile platform. We don’t typically try to post in mass quantity, favoring instead to post quality articles that we hope entertain and enlighten, and that’s helped along by one very handy feature of our blogging platform. All of our articles are written at night or on the weekends and scheduled to go live either the next day or later on in the week. So while we’re toiling away at our respective jobs, the articles go live, most of the time without a hitch, and during the evening hours we spend plenty of time writing and researching for the following day. This approach allows us to thoroughly research various topics and trends in the hobby, all the while giving us plenty of time to sit down and put our thoughts to work with the keyboard. It also allows us to spread the content around a bit, so readers aren’t overwhelmed with a dozen articles in a single day and then get shafted by a couple of days of drought. Sometimes we get a little overactive in our efforts, and this scheduling feature keeps us chugging along at a steady pace.

If you guys would like to know more about us, how we operate, or just want to say hi, feel free to email us (contact page above) or comment below. We love answering questions and respond to each email that pops into our inbox.


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