Blue Zoo Offers Up Tank Raised Cuttlefish


The following is the first contribution from our newest author to the AquaNerd Blog, Louis Rich. Louis has been a reef aquarium hobbyist for a couple of years, but his passion for the ocean started out at a very young age, which is the typically the case for most aquarium keepers. We will have a full bio of Louis in the coming days, and we’re glad to welcome him on board.

Blue Zoo Aquatics Tank Raised Cuttlefish

Cephalopod lovers rejoice! Blue Zoo Aquatics, purveyors of quality hard to find livestock, recently posted a page for tank raised, and maybe even captive bred, cuttlefish (Sepia sp.) on their website. There is no description available for the product, but speculation has it these are S. bandensis, the most commonly available species in the US. If captive bred Cuttlefish (and other cephalopods) were to become commonly available in the US, this could mean a quantum leap forward in the care and husbandry of these animals. Up until recently, only few people in the US have bred these fascinating creatures with any success, and nobody has really done it on a commercial scale that we can recall. Lets hope that captive bred cuttlefish become commonplace on the market in the coming years! The Blue Zoo tank raised cuttlefish are listed for $70 and are currently available to purchase.


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  • I think need way more information on this. There are have been many places offering tank raised animals but they turn out to not be tank raised at all and the claim turns out to be ‘green washing’. In some of the worst cases, these end up being cuttles that are hatched in a tank, but not feed properly compromising their health before they are sold to customers. I hope these are actually tanked raised, and look forward to more information about them.

  • This little guy was raised here at Blue Zoo for several months before being sold. We found it in one of the coral systems when it was very small. We assume that the eggs came in on a coral base and hatched out in our systems.

    • Thanks Mark! There have been many intentional deceptions involving tank raised and cuttles that its had to believe the claim without some extra info. Thanks for providing it, and thank for taking the time to follow up. 

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  • Funny how Sea Dwelling Creatures sells cuddlefish eggs for $3.29. The eggs are collected from the wild and hatched in tanks. They call this “Tank-Raised”, which there is NO correct defintion for and confusing hobbyists. They are trying to redifine terminology.  If we are collecting larval and babies before they get a chance to repoduce where is this going? I call it generational genocide. Trying to explain between Tank-raised, Tank bred and Captive conditioned just goes to show another tern for “Marketing”.

    • “In fact, Sustainable Aquatics is the source of many of Blue Zoo Aquatics tank-raised animals.”