The Ultimate Octopus Themed Aquarium Viewing Chair


Octopus Animal Chair Collection

Designing a living space around an aquarium isn’t always easy, but things just got a little more interesting thanks to this amazing octopus inspired chair from artist and animal lover Maximo Riera. Almost like a prop right out of a James Bond movie with an aquarium-loving villain, this Octopus Chair is a gaudy and enormous piece of furniture that we absolutely love. Sure, it wouldn’t fit in with anything in our homes and our spouses would probably make you sleep on the chair for months just for even considering the idea, but it’s just so freakin’ cool and almost evil looking. Now all you need is a bald guy petting a fluffy white cat to complete the ensemble. Or, we could settle for Rich Ross (cephalopod guru) giving all of his presentations at the Steinhart Aquarium in the California Academy of Sciences from this very chair…just a long as it sits on a rotating platform. This unique chair is the first piece of The Animal Chair Collection, which also features seating animals like a walrus, beetle, and rhinoceros.

Octopus Animal Chair Top

Octopus Animal Chair

From Dude I want That via Kevin Erickson


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