Controllable Waveline Pumps from H2O Systems


Waveline DC Pump

We’re noticing a trend in the hobby, and it’s one that doesn’t even remotely involve LED lighting. Aquarium equipment manufacturers are really starting to crank out controllable DC water pumps for both water return and protein skimmer applications, with the latest pumps coming to us from north of the border. H2O Systems, a Canada-based equipment manufacturer, is releasing their new Waveline DC pumps onto the North American market. This new line of pumps will eventually encompass three models, with the first introduced being the DC-5000. The feature set will be pretty typical for controllable pumps, but what we are happy to see is the atypical affordable price (more on that below) that goes along with these great features.

The Waveline DC-5000 is a controllable pump that can be used in multiple applications and allows users to fine tune flow speeds to suit their needs. The pump can achieve this adjustability by using the provided controller to change the voltage and thereby the pump’s RPMs. The water flow rates are adjustable to six different preset speeds, and a 10-minute feed timer is also built right in.

In terms of water flow, the DC-5000 puts out 5000 lph (hence the name), which translates to about 1320gph. Power consumption is 40watts at the pumps fastest setting. We aren’t sure what the preset speeds for the DC-5000 are, but we assume them to be at 20% increments to keep things symmetrical. Of course, this is purely speculative at this point.

Waveline DC Pump Controller

As we teased above, one of the more standout features of this pump line is its price. Coming in at roughly $240, this pump is a little pricey when compared to the typical run of the mill water pumps, but given all of its features (e.g. controllability), it’s actually quite inexpensive.


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