Digital Aquatics Announces Lifeguard System


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Over on their support forum, Digital Aquatics has announced a brand new product for their popular Reefkeeper aquarium controller line. The Lifeguard System, as it is called, is not being touted as a new controller, however. Instead, it is a HTML5 web based application that serves as a monitoring and alert system for aquarium keepers who want to keep an eye on their setup while they are traversing the globe, whether it be a brief vacation getaway to tropical paradise or a weekend aquarium event in a neighboring state. Because Lifeguard is based off of HTML5, it can be accessed by almost any device that has access to the net, including tablet devices and smartphones. In terms of monitoring, the system focuses on three major causes of aquarium failures: temperature, pH, and water level, and alerts aquarium keepers when any of these parameters meet or exceed a preset threshold. Details are scarce, as DA is keeping somewhat of a lid on the key features until the Lifeguard System is officially unveiled at the Marine Aquarium Expo later this month, but we managed to get a hold of a somwhat vague press release. The retail price for the Lifeguard system is set at $219.99, but Marine Depot will have these priced at an initial offering of $199.99 for pre-orders, which begin April 1st and end May 4th.


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