House of Fins Looking to Hire an Aquarium Specialist

House of Fins 53rd Splash Event

Photo Credit: Jessy Timko

While digging through the current job openings on the Association of Zoos and Aquariums website, we came across an exciting opening at the high end aquarium retail establishment, House of Fins. Interests piqued, we obviously followed the links to see what the Connecticut-based brick-and-mortar retailer had in mind. Getting into the meat of the job posting, House of Fins isn’t just seeking out your average, run of the mill college student who occasionally dabbles in aquarium keeping. Instead, the store is looking for someone who has several years of experience and a bachelor’s degree in marine biology or a related science. Of course, these aren’t strict requirements, but they are both qualities that will take you to the front of the line. As for the job being offered, it’s not exactly limited to bagging up fish. According to the description on the AZA website, the outlined duties include assisting customers, cleaning and maintaining hundreds of saltwater and freshwater aquariums, monitoring and medicating fish, and selling and installing aquarium equipment. That last bullet point is probably one of the most important, as House of Fins is known for their unique high end installs. As far as compensation goes, the actual hourly rate was left off of the posting, but the retailer did indicate that they offer a benefits package (health insurance, paid vacation, and 401k with 25% match), along with a limited relocation package for qualified applicants.


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