Picture of the Week, Freshwater Planted Aquarium at ADG


Freshwater Planted ADA Aquarium

For this week’s AquaNerd Picture of the Week, we’re throwing a little curveball. Instead of focusing on the rare saltwater aquarium livestock we’ve all come to know and love, we are focusing on a gorgeous freshwater planted tank that was once house at Aquarium Design Group. While we don’t personally dabble in the freshwater realm, at least for now, we hear these stunning Aqua Design Amano planted aquariums are actually harder to maintain than our reef aquaria. Whether that be true or not is pointless…we just love to look at them and draw inspiration from them for our own tanks. These setups focus almost exclusively on the landscape, using various piece of driftwood to create a lot of vertical flare. The fish are usually small, schooling fish that just add to the allure.


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