Threeline Basslet (Lipogramma trilineatum) Seen on Video


B-Box Aquarium, a Japan-based aquarium company deeply rooted in the rarest of the rare deepwater fish, has gotten their hands another gem, the Threeline Basslet (Lipogramma trilineatum). Much like the other super rare fish showing up in the aquarium trade over the past couple of years, this amazing basslet hails from the extreme depths of the waters of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, with a majority of individuals probably originating from Curacao and nearby islands. Curacao is already a hotspot for rare fish, so it’s no surprise to find another amazing fish from this highly productive area. The L. trilineatum is just one species from the amazing Lipogramma complex, and even though it isn’t described as the most visually appealing, it’s certainly no slouch and a fish that any of us would readily welcome into our aquariums.

Given its rarity, there’s little information available on the L. trilineatum basslet, but Yi Kai wrote a great article about each of the eight members of this genus over on Reef Builders, where there’s also several photos of this threeline basslet.


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