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Listen up college grads, a good job opportunity just opened up…and it couldn’t have been in a better state. The Hawaiian Department of Land and Natural Resources has listed an “Education Specialist” position for their Division of Aquatic Resources. According to the description, this position is more of a public relations spot, as it primarily involves reaching out to the public with information and data collected by the DAR in an attempt to involve the local community in managing the state’s resources. In terms of educational requirements, a four year degree from an accredited university and a year or more experience in an aquatic resources program are a must, and working knowledge of local recreational and commercial fish species is requested. Don’t let all of the land based activities fool you though. One of the requirements is a SCUBA certification, which means some fieldwork will be involved. If you would like to apply, or read more about the job opportunity, be sure to visit Hawai’i Environmental Education Alliance.

A full job description can be found below.

Position Title: Education Specialist (Aquatic Resource) III/IV, SR-20/22

Division/Staff Office: Division of Aquatic Resources

To be eligible: Applicants must be State civil service members in the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

Geographic Location: Lihue, Kauai

The Department of Land and Natural Resources is seeking to hire an Education Specialist in the Division of Aquatic Resources. This position provides outreach to the public in order to involve them in resource management, collaborates with other organizations which support aquatic resources conservation, and develops education materials that promote conservation and stewardship. This position presents resource management information to community and user groups, provides timely information on proposed rule changes and the rationale behind them, and serves as a point of contact for the local community to express concerns and needs about aquatic resource issues. Works closely with the Department of Education to assess needs and develop curriculum to enhance aquatic education in schools and conducts outreach activities at fishing tournaments, boat shows, fairs and appropriate venues. Other duties include, but are not limited to, working with Division staff to conduct field surveys, responding to emergencies as necessary during diving activities, recommending legislative and administrative regulatory actions to a higher level specialist, and providing technical and office support by assisting the public.

Last day to file applications: April 30, 2012


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