Mauritius Flasher Wrasse in the Diver’s Den


Mauritius Flasher Wrasse (Paracheilinus piscilineatus)

Yesterday, wrasse lovers got themselves a little treat. LiveAquaria posted a stunning male Mauritius Flasher Wrasse (Paracheilinus piscilineatus) up for grabs in their ever popular Diver’s Den. This species only just made its splash onto the aquarium scene a little more than a year ago, first debuting in Japan and only barely making it to the states a few times since then. We first wrote about the P. piscilineatus wrasse in May of last year, which happened to be the first ever to arrive in the US, but we have to say that the individual snagged by LiveAquaria is one of the better looking ones we’ve seen. The vibrant colors and elaborate striping make this 3″ male wrasse a stunner. The retail priceĀ on this fish is set at $1500, which is the same price the first P. piscilineatus sold for when they were hauled up from the waters of Mauritius.


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