Sneak Preview of the Upcoming Fishtank Kings


National Geographic Fishtank Kings

Last week, we uncovered a new aquarium themed television show from National Geographic Wild called “Fishtank Kings”. We didn’t know a whole lot about the show at the time of our article, as all we had to go on was a promotional flyer, but we had high hopes that the show wouldn’t follow the typical reality tv format and would instead focus on educating the masses about aquarium livestock. To shine a little light on what we might see from Fishtank Kings, Nat Geo has finally released a couple of teaser videos, and so far we like what we see. The crew at Living Color Aquariums, who star in the show, seem concerned about livestock health and compatibility, and do a great job explaining details of many different species that are to be used in various installs. Of course, these are just short segments taken from different shows and we can’t develop a full opinion of the show until we get to see full episodes.Fortunately, we won’t have to wait too long, as the show airs on Saturday, May 12th. Interestingly, it looks like Nat Geo is pitting their new series directly against another popular aquarium show, “Tanked”, as the two air at the same times.

Check out the two video clips below.

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