StarkLED blunova Demonstrated on Video


Last week, we found some new LED hardware in the form of the blunova fixture from StarkLED. The small module is loaded full of features that include an abundance of Cree emitters, wireless connectivity, and a built-in controller to name a few. The latter of those features, the on-board controller, is the subject of today’s article, as the videos above and below show the sunrise/sunset settings and thunderstorm modes in full effect. Personally, I’m not a fan of artificial lightning strikes. It’s fun to have extra features, but I couldn’t imagine that they have any real benefit to the aquarium. That said, we’ll skip it and head on over to the others. The feature we did like was how the light ramped up and down in order to mimic sunrise and sunset. The individual LED clusters in the blunova turn on one by one, with them apparently starting out at a lower brightness setting and slowing increasing until its time to turn the next cluster on. This is quite nice since the aquarium isn’t getting blasted with full on lighting as soon as the lights turn on. It should be noted that the videos have been sped up 2.5 x their normal rate.

A couple more videos are located below.


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