AI Vega Reveals Its More Colorful Side


The web has been abuzz with a recently released video showing off an entirely different AqauIllumination Vega than the one we first saw at MACNA last year. Instead of sporting just a mixture of blue and white LEDs, this particular model has more bright flashing colors than a Tool concert, with 8 different colors and 20 channels of control. In typical AI fashion, the LEDs are arranged into four tight clusters, with the center of each cluster being a Cool White LED. Surrounding the white emitters is a ring of four additional LEDs, consisting of Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Green, Ultraviolet, Deep Red, and Very Deep Blue. Needless to say, this proverbial rainbow of colors can be fine tuned to achieve the desired color ouput, or if you want to get crazy with it, you could treat your corals to a flashy disco of light. To many hobbyists, this light may seem a bit much. However, its design addresses many of the concerns people have had with LED lighting. Instead of providing a narrow spectrum for our corals, this light will hit several, allowing for better overall growth and coloration.

In terms of price and availability, those details are still up in the air. AI is notorious for taking their time on product development and delaying release dates, but we’re not complaining. We’d rather have a fully functional final product rather than something that was rushed to be be completed by a specific date. That said, we’ll be keeping an eye out for more information on this colorful new AI Vega and for any other updates to the line.


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