Baby Monitors Doubling as Aquarium Monitors


Angelcare Baby Monitor

As some of you may know, my wife and I welcomed our first child into the work about a month ago. Prior to that day, we had the typical baby showers where we received clothes, diapers, and anything else baby related. But there was a product we got that was far different. It was a baby monitoring device, and quite a good one apparently. After letting it collect dust for a few weeks, I finally decided to pull it out and set it up. And that’s when I got all giddy. This baby monitor wasn’t just a two way walkie talkie setup that was popular when I was a baby. Instead, it had a built-in video camera and a handheld device that could display the video remotely. Recalling all of the sweet webcam setups people have aimed at their aquariums, I decided to do the same and have a little fun with it.

Angelcare Camera

I placed the monitoring station in the aquarium room, turned on the camera, and wandered around the house with the small hand held device. Finally, I could look at my aquarium despite not being in the same room! The video quality may be poor and the wireless communication between the base station and the handheld device may be limited to a 30 feet radius give or take, but it was just so exciting.

Aquarium Footage from Baby Monitor

That excitement was short lived once the wife found out what I was using our baby monitor for, but once kids get past the stage of needing constant monitoring, I may just try to put it to good use on the aquarium. Ok, realistically that probably won’t happen, but it’s still a fun experiment, even if it’s just a few minutes in duration.

Angelcare Camera with Aquarium


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