Hands On with Cobalt Aquatics Pro Breeder Flake Food


Cobalt Aquatcs Pro Breeder Flakes

We were recently sent a small can of Cobalt Aquatics Pro Breeder Flake Food from our friends at Super Pet World, and we wanted to share our preliminary review of the food along with a little more information about the product line. For starters, Cobalt Aquatics is a relatively new company. They’ve been around for a little more than a year, but their impact has been quite significant. Besides developing and selling fish foods, the company also dabbles in aquarium equipment, with their one of their most popular being the original Maxi-Jet pump sourced from Italy. All that aside, we’ve got some fish food to play with.

The Pro Breeder flake food, according to Cobalt, is made from an interesting list of ingredients that includes beef heart, earthworm, egg, spirulina, and salmon meal. The food is enhanced with probiotics, immunostimulants, and a triple dose of vitamins, and inline with the product’s name, it is supposed to stimulate fish breeding.

In terms of nutritional content, the Cobalt flake food provides plenty for growing fish. A minimum of 45% crude protein, 10% crude fat, and 4.2% crude fiber are guaranteed. The crude protein number is one of the highest we’ve seen available to aquarium keepers, falling just short of the 49% and 52% levels seen in the New Era Aquaculture Aegis and Marine Flakes respectively. It makes up for this slightly less amount of protein by offering more than twice the amount of fiber and a nearly identical amount of fat as the New Era flakes.

Cobalt Aquatics Flake Nutrition

The Cobalt Aquatics Pro Breeder flakes are available in several sizes that are more than affordable. We used the 1.5 oz can, which retails for $7.64 according to Cobalt, and that size seems adequate for the average home aquarium. Other sizes include: 0.5 oz ( $4.51 ), 3 oz ( $11.79 ), and 8 oz ( $25.56 ). For the big boys, a 2 lb ( $80.47 ) and 10 lb ( $295.01 ) canister are also available.

As for the product’s performance in our captive marine setting, the fish responded very well to the new food. It should be noted that they were already conditioned to eat flake food, as we’ve been using the New Era flakes rather extensively in recent months, and the fish didn’t miss a beat with the Cobalt flakes. They ate it just as quickly and completely as with the other products. The smaller flake size didn’t present any issues with the larger fish, other than requiring them to swim around a little more in order to get their fill.

Cobalt Aquatics Pro Breeder Flake Food

Cobalt Aquatics Flake Food


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