Fish Gallery’s Official Houston Grand Opening Happening This Weekend


Fish Gallery Houston

A little bit of local news. After several months of working out of their new digs, Fish Gallery Houston is finally hosting their big grand opening event this weekend, May 19th. The tanks are all finished being set up, the fish and corals have been stocked, and the high end equipment is overflowing off of the store’s shelves. As part of the celebration, several items will see some good discounts for the day and a charity raffle benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society will also be taking place. Raffle tickets are just $5, with prizes ranging from aquariums setups to LED lighting. There’s also going to be some fun for the kiddos. Besides getting to stare at exotic fish all day, a Kid’s Corner Coloring Contest will also take place, with prizes going out to different age groups. And finally, a couple of other local organizations are getting involved. The Marine Aquarium and Reef Society of Houston (aka MARSH) will be meeting and greeting people at the store, and the Houston Zoo will be hosting a membership drive as well. Of course, we’ll be there at some point in the day, especially since Fish Gallery is one of our favorite local fish stores.


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