New Marine Fish Pellets from Korallen Zucht


Korallen Zucht Marine Fish Pellets

Korallen Zucht debuted a new product at Interzoo this year, but it’s not quite like the rest of the products in the lineup. Instead of being a coral food or an additive aimed at reducing nutrients, the new product is a pellet based fish food. Simply called the KZ Marine Fish Pellets, the product offers up valuable ingredients to your fish to promote health, vitality, and conditioning that helps build up a resistance to diseases and reduce stress. KZ promises that the food will contain up to 37% protein, but at the same time won’t pollute your water if a few pellets get lost in the mix. Besides high protein levels, the food will also contain plenty of necessary vitamins and minerals to promote other natural processes.

According to Korallen Zucht, their new food offers up several different features:

  • Contains components against stress
  • Intense coloration
  • Healthy enterobacteria and digestion
  • Very low water pollution
  • Prevention of parasits and illness

The price for this new food is setup at 9,50 € (or $15)


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