Rumor: Acrylic Tank Manufacturing Partnering With Petco for Aquarium Installation and Service

ATM Additives at Petco

ATM Additives Display at a Local Petco. Photo credit: Daniel Lieja

Time to crank up the rumor mills. We just got word from an unnamed Petco manager that the guys from Acrylic Tank Manufacturing are partnering up with chain pet retailer to build and install new saltwater livestock systems in all of their stores within the next year or so. Additionally, ATM will be training new “experts” in the field of aquarium setup and maintainenance, who will travel to the homes of Petco customers to install and work on their saltwater aquariums. Whether these “experts” will be actual Petco employees or from a third party is unknown at this point. We are also unsure if this venture wil result in an at-home aquarium servicing and installation branch of Petco, not unlike the Geek Squad at the large home electronics dealer, Best Buy.

Again, these are just rumors that we came across and we have no way of confirming if they are true or not. We can, however, look at the recent relationship between ATM and Petco to make an argument for these rumors.

One of the first things that comes to mind highlighting the ATM/Petco relationship is the fact that Petco carries the entire line of ATM additives. Now, I’m sure other stores carry these products as well, so that sort of squashes the exclusive connection that would add more weight to the rumors. On the other hand, most relationships start out small, and perhaps the additive line was step one.

The other thing we noticed about ATM’s relationship with the large chain pet retailer is the frequency of ATM staffer visits to the stores around the country for promotional events. Over on the ATM blog, there are a few promotional events in different states where either the face of the company, Brett Raymer, or one of his employees is visits a Petco. Of course, there are other stores that they visit. But between the products and the visits, we can actually believe the rumors to some extent.

That’s all the evidence we have for now, and believe us when we say we’ll keep digging for more.


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