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As the year winds down to a close, we’d like to take the time to write a series of articles that will recap all of major happenings that took place during the very busy year. While the articles will all focus on something different, this one in particular focuses on just what was the most popular articles that we published in 2012. Think of it as one big AquaNerd Recap, which we’ve come to utilize on a weekly basis for those of you familiar. The articles are listed in order of popularity, with the most read article at the top. Surprisingly, the Maxspect Razor had two articles within our Top 10 coverage from 2012. We aren’t surprised that the Razor LED fixture made the list, in fact we expected it to, but we didn’t expect to see it twice. We’re also surprised that we didn’t have more LED fixtures in our recap, with a total of three articles making the list. Coming as no surprise is the fact that both of the aquarium related television shows, Tanked and Fish Tank Kings, made it into our Top 10.

  1. Huge Aquariums at the Miami Marlins Gaudy New Stadium
  2. Rumor: Acrylic Tank Manufacturing Partnering With Petco for Aquarium Installation and Service
  3. Maxspect Razor Seen at MACNA Looking Great Over Corals
  4. The Extremely Rare Dr. Seuss Soapfish (Belonoperca pylei) Pops Up in the LiveAquaria Diver’s Den
  5. Maxspect Introduces the Razor LED Fixture
  6. Battle of the Bacteria: ZEOvit vs Prodibio vs Biopellets
  7. A More In-depth Look at the Innovative Marine SkimMate Protein Skimmer
  8. Orphek Releases Their New Nilus LED Fixture
  9. The Red Sea Max S 650 is one big, beefy AIO aquarium
  10. Boy Finds Whale Vomit, Rakes in $63000

And we also had a couple of runner ups that were way too close to those listed above to forget:

Besides all of the articles, 2012 was a very busy one for us as well. I welcomed my first child into the world, hopefully a future aquarium keeper, and we worked around the clock to deliver quality aquarium related content to your computer screens all year. We will have more in store for 2013, and I’ll let you know that we’ve got something pretty big we’ve been working on for some time now. That’s all I can say for now, but we hope that make next year’s top 10 list.

So that about wraps up things for now, stay tuned for more coverage of 2012 and we’ll try to sneak in some new content from now until the end of the year.


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