Tunze Shows Off Multicontroller 7097 Software at Interzoo


Tunze Multicontroller 7097 Software

Earlier in the week, we showed off the brand spankin’ new LED fixture from Tunze. In that article, we also talked about the Tunze 7097 Multicontroller, though very briefly, which is designed to control up to four separate LED fixtures. Curious about finding out every little detail about the controller, we went digging. Eventually, we stumbled upon this snapshot of the 7097’s software interface on Tunze USA’s website, and while it’s not the image of the physical controller we’re looking for, it’s enough to keep us talking for now.

What we first notice in the photo is a vast array of sliders that can be used to adjust the intensity of the LED fixtures at up to 8 different time intervals. The intensity of the white and blue channels can be adjusted from 0-100%, with the time listed directly below. This arrangement will provide users with the ability to create an elaborate daytime lighting scheme complete with a gentle and more natural dawn to dusk period. Along the right hand side, we see a section where each LED can be independently adjusted, with the nice feature to clone the settings of the first LED fixture onto the remaining three. Another thing we notice is a moonlight section. Apparently, one LED (presumably from each fixture) will be selected as the moonlight, or by checking a certain box in the interface, all of the diodes can act as moonlights.

Wrapping up our examination of the image, we also see a tab at the top for “Pump Control”. We don’t assume that the hardware portion of the 7097 Multicontroller can control both lights and pumps simultaneously, and we are guessing that the pump tab is merely the software used for the 7096 controller, which was designed to control compatible Tunze Stream and Nanostream pumps. But wouldn’t it be great if you could control your pump speed based on the settings of the LED fixtures? Even if that doesn’t happen, it’s still nice to see all of the software coming bundled together as one.


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