AquaIllumination Shows Off EXT Mounting Rails and Hanging Kit for Sol and Vega


AquaIllumination EXT Mount Rail

AquaIllumination recently revealed on their website and YouTube channel a brand new mounting system for their ever popular Sol and Vega LED modules. Called the EXT System, these new kits rely on rails to either string a couple of modules together, suspsend them over the tank, or mount them directly to the stand. The rails are sleek and unobtrusive, falling right in line with the looks that AI has been pushing with their entire lineup of fixtures.

AquaIllumination EXT Hanging Kit

To give aquarium keepers plenty of options, the AI EXT kits come in a couple of different flavors. The EXT Rails are available in 6″, 12″, and 18″ lengths and allow users to link multiple modules together to help spread light across the tank. The rails are made from extruded aluminum and come in both silver and black to match the colors of the Vega and Sol modules. The EXT Tank Mount uses the rail system, but also incorporates the bracketry to allow the setup to be bolted directly to the stand. This allows the modules to be hung over the aquarium in a stylish way and prevents users from having to hand the lights from the ceiling if that’s not their cup of tea.

If the aquarist does like the look of a light fixture suspended over the tank, however, AI has the perfect solution. Their EXT Hanging Kit, when combined with the rails, allows module owners to hand one or multiple lights over the aquarium with an adjustable cable system. The cables are 96″ (8 feet) long, which should be adequte for even the tallest of ceilings.

The rail and suspension kits haven’t been listed on the AI website or those of their distributors quite yet, so we’re not sure what the retail price will be, though we don’t expect them to be too outlandish.

A video below demonstrates the rails, with a lot of emphasis on the haning kit.


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