AquaIllumination Demos Their EXT Rail and Hanging Kits in Two New Videos


Fresh on the heels of the Vega pre-order announcement and the release of additional product information, AquaIllumination is showing off the extra hardware associated with their powerful line of LED modules. Called the EXT Mounting System, this new setup consists of rails and hanging kits used to place the AI modules over your aquarium in style. We wrote briefly on this new hanging hardware a few days ago, and now we are treated to a pair of videos showing off the systems in action, which can be seen at the top and bottom of this article. Please note that the video we showed in our first article highlighting the EXT Mounting Rails was restricted to private viewing and is therefore no longer available.

For those of you unfamiliar with the new EXT Mounting System, here’s a very brief breakdown. The hanging kits comes in three separate flavors. One is designed to suspend AI Sol and Vega modules over the aquarium with steel cables, one bracket mounts directly to the stand and hands a module over the water, and the third is less of a hanging device and is, instead, a bracket that marries two modules together. And as will virtually all of AI’s products, these moutning kits are sleek and stylish, and will be offered in black and white models to mimic the colors of the modules.


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