MACNA 2012 Prices Going Up Soon, Time To Get Your Tickets is Now


DFWMACNA 2012 Logo

Every year, the tickets to the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (aka MACNA) start off at insanely low prices and gradually work their way up as the event date approaches. And unfortunately, a small price bump is heading our way in a couple of days. According to the DFWMACNA Home Page, the tickts will go up to $149.99 for a full conference pass on June 30th. The current ticket price is set at $129.99, which means the price jump will be right at $20. This may not seem like a whole lot, but think about it this way. For that extra $20, you can currently get 25 raffle tickets added to your MACNA experience. So, if you already plan on going, why wait to buy your tickets at full price? Go ahead and get them now so you can save a little dough for buying frags at the show or picking up some extra raffle tickets.


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