ORA Decks Out Your Car With Aquaculture Themed License Plates


ORA Aquaculture License Plate

Oceans Reefs & Aquariums is promoting Florida aquaculture in a whole new way. They have recently released a series of Florida license plates, called the Aquaculture plate, which don’t just sport the iconic clownfish but also support local aquaculture initiatives. Designed by wildlife artist and conservationist Guy Harvey, the sale of these plates will support the Harbor Branch-FAU Aquaculture and Stock Enhancement Program. The plates will cost a one time fee of $28 and will include a recurring $30 per year fee. This annual fee is broken down into a $25 annual tax-deductible donation and $5 annual state fee. Money from the Aquaculture License Plate sales will be used in four primary areas of conservation, which include fish aquaculture, molluscan aquaculture, aquatic animal health, and education. And because ORA is a private company, they will not receive any proceeds from the sale of the plates, which are only available to Florida residents. If you want to find out more about these fun license plates, be sure to visit the ORA Blog.


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