Finding Nemo Sequel Announced, Should the Aquarium Hobby Be Concerned?


Darla from Finding Nemo
With a lack of imagination in the film making industry these days, we were wondering when this story would finally make the headlines. Pixar, the movie makers behind many children’s hits like the Toy Story trilogy and dozens of other films, announced a couple of days ago that they will release a sequel to the smash hit Finding Nemo. The film will see a return of director Andrew Stanton to the Pixar fold, who was in charge of the first Finding Nemo, which raked in $867.9 million worldwide and won an Oscar. Despite the film’s overall appeal to the general populace, however, the first movie wasn’t well received by hardcore aquarium hobbyists due it’s somewhat unexpected lasting effect on the industry.

While the movie undoubtedly drove up sales of clownfish and other marine ornamentals, and to some degree their freshwater counterparts, the new segment of aquarium keepers was not at all prepared to deal with the responsibilities of a saltwater aquarium. Instead of having a bunch of new, thriving aquariums maintained by diligent hobbyists, the movie actually resulted in millions of Darlas scooping up Nemos in order to appease their screaming children. Unfortunately, the short attention span of most kids and the high turnover rate of parents turned hobbyists resulted in countless numbers of failed aquariums and dead clownfish. And we’re confident in our assertion that the sequel to Finding Nemo won’t be any different.

That said, there was certainly (dare I say it) an educational value to the original film. Aimed at young viewers, the movie did have some scientific terms and natural phenomena tossed around that could expand the horizons of an audience formerly obsessed with burying their faces in a handheld video game. Perhaps seeing ocean life in a kid’s movie stuck with some you members of the audience, and perhaps they went on to obsess about marine aquariums as much as we do.

Regardless of what affect this movie has on the aquarium world, we know for sure that it will rake in the dough at the box office. Pixar has a winning formula for a majority of their movies, and Finding Nemo 2 won’t be any different in that respect. We are just hoping that no animals get abused as a result of this film.

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