Innovative Marine SkimMate Protein Skimmer Teased in Video


Innovative Marine, an aquarium equipment company with a delightful series of stylish nano aquariums and LED lighting, is adding some firepower to their lineup in the form of a brand new nano protein skimmer. Falling under the IM Aqua Gadgets line, the SkimMate protein skimmer appears to be very tiny, yet also quite productive. The video, which leaves out just enough detail to really draw us in, shows the tiny skimmer in the back of one of IM’s Nuvo Aquarium setups, though we can only guess the size of the tank. According to the brief amount of information in the video, the skimmer packs a needlewheel pump that produces a nice thick foam that easily climbs up into the collection cup. We also see what appears to be a riser tube topped off with foam padding, which is the device that allows the water to exit the protein skimmer. Other than that, we don’t know much else, especially since Innovative Marine has remained fairly tight lipped about their new skimmer.

Our assumptions, at this point, are that the protein skimmers will be offered in multiple models. Innovative Marine currently has five different aquariums, and realistically at least three of them could be easily fitted with the hardware. If IM plays their cards right, however, two or three different models could easily cover all five of the aquariums. The biggest factor to consider would be the tight space in the rear chambers of the aquariums.

For the placement in the aquariums, the SkimMate skimmer appears to fit nicely in the media tray in the overflow box of the nano aquariums. Obviously, IM has designed these skimmers to be compatible with their tanks, and we’re curious to know if they’d fit in other tanks as well. We’ve got an email out to Innovative Marine as we speak, and we’ll be updating if and when we hear any new information.


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