Reef Octopus Quietly Updates Their Ozone Reactor


Reef Octopus OR150 Ozone Reactor

Although very effective, the use of ozone in marine aquariums hasn’t been a wildly popular technique. The big downside to ozone use is its potentially deadly effects if used improperly, coupling that with the initial expenses of an ozone system, most hobbyists tend to shy away from the proven methods. That hasn’t stopped some companies from continuing to fill that niche, thankfully, and Reef Octopus continues to update their product line to keep their ozone setups fresh and relevant. Case in point, their lone ozone reactor quietly got updated earlier this year.

For the most part, the reactor remains unchanged. The primary chamber on the reactor looks to be exactly the same as the reactor model released back in 2011, but the big addition to the new unit is an updated residual ozone removal chamber, which is the smaller chamber attached to the larger one. While the older model had a much simpler chamber that sent excess ozone out of the reactor through John Guest fittings and tubing, the newest model uses a more elaborate system that recycles, filters, and removes the leftover ozone so that the entire setup can run more efficiently. The collection cup-like apparatus is attached to reactor with thumbscrews and can presumably be removed for filter pad changing and cleaning.

Since this product snuck in under our radar, we don’t know exactly when it was announced or released. Going by the timeline of things on the CoralVue website, we have a feeling it was in March earlier this year, but no concrete date is given.

For the technical details from Coralvue, please see below.

  • 6″ Chamber
  • Dim: 10″x7″x26″
  • Footprint: 10″ x 7″
  • Barbed Input: 3/4″
  • Barbed Output: 1.25″
  • Feed rate up to 800GPH
  • Residual O3 Filter
  • Provides even distribution of water over the ozone media

*Only use bioballs or ozone safe mesh media


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