Amazing Black and Blue Hippo Tang Spied on Video


Two years ago, almost to the day, we wrote about a very unique black-faced blue hippo tang that was spotted locally at one of the fish stores. At the time, we thought the coloration was not only interesting, but also extraordinarily rare. Little did we know that there was a blue tang with far crazier coloration just waiting to be discovered. In the above video, from what we assume to be an associate of Sea Dwelling Creatures based on at least one other video in the library, we see the most interestingly colored blue hippo tang that nature has to offer.

The blue hippo tang in the brief video above sports a body that’s almost entirely black. And instead of a big blue spot among the sea of black, the spot is white with a faint yellow outline. Adding to the intrigue, the fish also has a wispy yellow splotch trailing after each eye. The pectoral and caudal fins retain their natural coloration, while the dorsal fin and anal fins are engrossed in the black coloration that envelopes almost the entire body of the fish.

This blue hippo tang is truly a one-of-a-kind and it seems to have quite a bit of size to boot. We could only imagine the price a fine specimen like this would command on the open market, and we hope it goes to someone willing to share better footage of it.


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