AquaIllumination Sets Release Date on Vega


AquaIllumination Vega Module

After almost a full year since being unveiled at MACNA under the codename “Phoenix”, AquaIllumination is finally unleashing their most powerful light yet, the Vega LED module. Officially announced on their Facebook Page, the Vega will start shipping to US distributors prior to August 31, potentially putting them into the hands of aquarists by the end of this month and definitely by the first week of September. The retail price for either model is set at a very competitive $499 per module.

AquaIllumination Vega Announcement

Since its big reveal, AI has added loads of new features to this light that were completely unexpected, including 80 degree optics and a Color model that can be upgraded with more colors than a handful of Skittles. The inclusion of these features and trying to get the module just right prior to the big release have ultimately delayed the release date, undoubtedly frustrating some hobbyists who have been clamoring for the lights, but we’re far happier with a finished product that has loads of features instead of a module that was rushed through the R&D stages just to get to production and out the door by a certain date.


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