Halloween is Around the Corner, Dress Up with Aquatic Themed Costumes


Shark Halloween Costume

Although we’re still in the middle of August, it’s not too early to start thinking about Halloween costumes for the kiddos or even for yourself. And since we’re all aquarium nerds here, why not show a little love for the hobby by dressing up in aquatic themed costumes? There are tons of options for kids’ costumes out there, and in terms of sea life, there’s everything from sharks to lobsters looking to make a big splash at the end of October. One of my personal favorites, and this is a direct result of being a new father, is actually a costume for the whole family. Pictured below, the baby gets dressed up in a tiny lobster costume, while the parents dress up as chefs and parade the kid around in a large boiling pot. Sure, it might be a little on the dark side of our funny bone, but it’s too cute not to be funny.

Baby Lobster Halloween Costume

Both of these costumes can be found at Pottery Barn Kids.


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