This ATB Skimmer Has a Really Tall Neck and Automatic Washdown Cleaning System


With models ranging from small protein skimmers for your everyday hobbyists all the way up to massive behemoths for the largest of commercial and public aquarium systems, the guys at ATB are well entrenched in the world of protein skimmers and have developed an extensive line of high quality products that even has their own massive following of fanboys. We tend to focus only on the broad niche of the aquarium hobby when we talk about protein skimmers, especially since very few of us get to set up systems that require anything more than that, but a recent video released by ATB demonstrating an extremely tall commercial prototype has got us intrigued. The large skimmer has an extra tall neck, which is made from a single piece of acrylic unlike the stackable necks of the Reef Octopus skimmer, and it can be seen with its own heavy duty washdown cleaning system.

When glancing at this video, we’re not quite sure what’s more impressive…the fact that this skimmer is so massive and has such a tall neck, or the fact that the automatic washdown system cleans that big old neck and tall collection cup with such ease. As can clearly be seen in the footage, the collection cup gets treated to various cleaning blades that wipe the inside and outside of the neck, as well as the outermost wall on the inside of the cup. On top of that, the rest of the neck gets any and all crud removed with the help of a rotating blade. This system obviously keeps the organic gunk off of the surfaces of the skimmer, making it so much more efficient.


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