Reef Octopus Skimmers Get Stackable, Locking Neck Extensions


Reef Octopus Neck Extension

Reef Octopus is adding a little firepower to their very popular line of Super Reef Octopus (SRO) protein skimmers in the form of some brand new neck extensions that can be stacked together to improve on the functionality of any one of a number of different skimmers. Designed to increase the dwell time of water in the skimmer, the contact time of the bubbles with dissolved organic matter, the internal water level, and allow for dryer skimmate, these simple extensions consist of the same press-in acrylic couplings that already exist on the skimmer’s body and collection cup. Each extension increases the space between the collection cup and skimmer by a few inches, and an unlimited number can be used together, though we don’t see any use for more than a couple, as demonstrated in the image above.

Besides being useful for stock protein skimmers in the SRO line, we can see great value in the DIY game. Many crafty hobbyists do all sorts of insane tinkering with their equipment, and pre-made neck extension could only expand on DIY possibilities. Bigger, better pumps can be used, as can elaborate meshwheels and improvements in the pump’s ability to draw in air…all of which would benefit from having a taller neck for the foam to climb.

We don’t currently having pricing or availability for the neck extensions, but we suspect that they are already shipping to fish stores and other distributors. If pricing surfaces any time soon, we’ll be sure to update. Until then, we’ve got a full (and quite extensive) list of neck extension models and what skimmer models they are compatible with.

Neck 110

  • 2″
  • Fits: SRO-1000INT, XP-1000INT, XP-1000EXT, NW-110B, DNW-110B

Neck 150

  • 2″
  • Fits: SRO-2000INT, SRO-1000EXT, NW-150B, DNW-150B

Neck 160

  • 3″
  • Fits: DDNW-150B, Diablo-160XS

Neck 170

  • 3″
  • Fits: SRO-2000EXT, XP-2000INT, SSS-1000INT, XP-1000SSS

Neck 200

  • 3″
  • Fits: SRO-3000INT, SRO-3000EXT, XP-2000SSS, XP-2000EXT, NW-200B, DNW-200B, XP-3000INT, XP-3000EXT, XP-3000SSS, Diablo-200XS, SSS-2000INT

Neck 250

  • 3″
  • Fits: SRO-5000INT, SRO-5000EXT, SSS-5000INT, NW-250B, DDNW-250B, XP-5000INT, XP-5000EXT, Diablo-250XS

Neck 300

  • 3.5″
  • Fits: SRO-6000EXT, TDNW-300-6530B

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