EcoTech Marine Officially Announces TIR Lens Kits for the Radion LED Fixture


EcoTech Marine Radion TIR Lenses

Although displayed at Interzoo months ago and being well known by the aquarium community for some time since, EcoTech Marine has finally announced their TIR Lens Kits for their Radion XR30w LED fixtures. Already well known for their ever popular VorTech water pumps, the Radion was EcoTech’s first foray into LED lighting, and so far they’ve done a fantastic job. The light has amassed a giant following, and the new lens kit will only add to that as it delivers more illuminating power without creating any additional electrical consumption.┬áSo what exactly does the new Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens accomplish? Well, for starters, it boosts peak PAR numbers and average PAR by up to 45% and 23% respectively, according to EcoTech.

EcoTech Marine TIR Lens Graph

PAR plot of a Radion using the current lens and reflector on the Left. PAR plot of a Radion using the new TIR Lens Kit on the Right. Readings where taken over a 30×30 inch area at 12 inches from the light.

So how does the TIR lens accomplish this. According to EcoTech, the lens redirects the light output in a more “usable direction”, which means downward into the tank. This redirecting apparently doesn’t affect the spread, however, as the light will still effectively illuminate the same area. This light distribution can also be see in the graph immediately above, with the graph on the left representing a stock Radion and the one on the right showing the improved PAR of a Radion fitted with a TIR lens kit.

The TIR lens kit is a direct replacement for the stock Radion lens and reflector setup, and is the first accessory to the LED fixture that doesn’t involve hanging kits and mounting rails. The lenses retail for $30 per pair, instantly making them a very affordable upgrade option for Radion users, and they can currently be purchased through the EcoTech Marine Parts Store or from your favorite EcoTech Marine dealer.


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