ImaReefer, Hilariously Stylish Tees for any Aquarium Occasion

I'm a Reefer Banggai T-shirt

I’m a Reefer Banggai

A couple of months ago, we stumbled across some highly suggestive t-shirts from Reefer DNA that we instantly fell in love with, though at the time there were only a handful of shirts in their lineup. Since then, however, the ImaReefer clothing line (a Reefer DNA brand) has absolutely exploded with a plethora of hilarious, suggestive, and stylish tees that any aquarist would be proud to wear at a local aquarium event or even on the larger stage of aquarium conferences. These shirts come in all of the standard sizes at $25 a pop, and are emblazoned with funny sayings and awesome imagery that might make mom cringe, but they tickle our funny bone just right. We could go on and on about each and every shirt in the ImaReefer lineup, but for the sake of time, we’ll just post a bunch of images of their shirts and let the laughs ensue.

Coral I'd Like To Frag T-shirt

CILF = Coral I’d Like To Frag

Tools of the Trade T-shirt

Tools of the Trade

Sexy and I Know It T-shirt

Sexy and I Know It

This is How I See It - Fish

This is How I See It – Fish

Mantis Wanted Dead or Alive

Mantis Wanted Dead or Alive


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