Reefer DNA Tees, Suggestive Shirts for Aquarium Nerds


Reefer DNA T-Shirts

Aquarium keeping has never been a more popular a hobby than it is today. And with all of those reef keepers running around out there, aquarium inspired t-shirts are popping up all over the place. After all, there’s no better way to show the outside world your dedication to the marine aquarium hobby or allow hobbyists to spot each other in a crowd full of outsiders. To help fill our closets, Reefer DNA has one of the latest lines of aquarium-themed tees, and although their site is still under construction, the shirt makers have a few items for us to gaze at. Their very interesting lineup comes with some suggestive sayings and neat artwork, and by the looks of things they will offer some in your face attitude that many hobbyists will appreciate. The Reefer DNA apparel will be broken down into three distinct categories, including the ImAReefer™, ImAReeferChick™, and ReeferGear™ clothing and accessory lines.

We have reached out to Reefer DNA for pricing, availability, and other juicy details, and we’ll update when we find out more. Until then, be sure to check out the some images of the shirts below.

Reefer DNA I'd Frag That

Reefer DNA I Eat Paste

Reefer DNA My Hobby Gets Me Wet


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