LiveAquaria Offers Discount on MACNA Tickets


LiveAquaria MACNA Coupon

So, you’ve procrastinated on purchasing a ticket to the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA), and now that ticket prices have climbed, you’re kicking yourself big time. After all, when it comes to aquarium conferences, every penny counts since there’s tons of frags to be had and raffle tickets galore. Fortunately, there’s a little ticket price relief in sight. The gang at LiveAquaria recently shared a very handy MACNA discount coupon on their Facebook page. The coupon is good for $15 off a MACNA ticket, which translates to 15 raffle tickets or at least one inexpensive coral frag, and in order to get your hands on the code (blued out in the image above) all you have to do is buy something from LiveAquaria. There’s a peculiar absence of fine print on the flyer and other promotional material, so we assume any purchase will qualify for the discount, regardless of the price (but don’t hold us to that). Once the purchase is made, we assume the discount code will be sent out via email or possibly given at the time of the purchase.

And for a big FYI, MACNA is right around the corner and tickets are currently $150. So get them before they go up any more, and be sure to take advantage of the generous discount.


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