Shark Week Kicks off 25th Anniversary Tonight on Discovery Channel


Shark Week 25 Years

It’s that time of year again when the sharks dominate our nightly television programming. That’s right, Shark Week is here once again, but this year marks a special milestone for the show. Discovery Channel is kicking off their┬áspecial 25th anniversary Shark Week tonight at 9pm EST, and this year features an entirely new lineup of shows. And to help kick off the week in style, Discovery Channel has a Shark Week Survival Guide, Shark Week Bingo, and a Shark Week Plus app to help expand your sharky enjoyment all week long.

From the looks of it. Shark week will, once again, be centered around the most popular shark in the ocean…the Great White Shark. Also in the lineup is the typical shows about shark attacks of various types, including the airborne sharks of South Africa. While we understand the entertainment value of this style of shock programming, we sure wish the Discovery Channel would ditch their programming template once in a while and venture out into something a bit different. Perhaps they could do a special on shark finning and how it has decimated shark populations.


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