Tank Bred Tangerine Albino Clownfish Show Up at LiveAquaria


Tangerine Albino Ocellaris Clownfish

Designer clownfish are all the rage these days, with percula and ocellaris clowns both coming in wild patterns and colors that draw in aquarium keepers like moths to a flame. But there’s another type of clown making the rounds, and it’s not one that has crazy splotching bars. Instead, this relatively new clown variety is a captive bred albino, and while it still has the firey orange coloration that has made the clownfish popular, it completely lacks the black pigment that normally outlines the fins and white bars.

The popular online retailer of aquatic livestock, LiveAquaria, recently listed a pair of these unique clowns for the very first time in their Diver’s Den section to the tune of $329.99. The pair consists of a single male and female, both a little longer than an inch, and in all likelihood these clowns are a product of Proaquatix, who debuted the clowns at MACNA last year.


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