Proaquatix Shows Off Video of New Tangerine Clownfish


A brand new strain of clownfish was unveiled at MACNA this year. Proaquatix, well-known for all of their captive-bred ornamentals, had a new Tangerine Clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris) out an about the entire weekend of the event, and now they have a video showing off the new fish. At first glance, you might not even notice anything special about this new clown. There aren’t any insane patterns or misbarring. Instead, this clownfish has a light orange color and no black anywhere on its body. This difference from the standard Ocellaris clownfish can be seen pretty well in the video above, mostly due to the fact that a normal looking clownfish is swimming among the group of Tangereine clowns. According to Proaquatix, this clownfish is actually an albino since it has such a light color, heavily hindered melanin (meaning no dark color), and reddish eyes…all typical of an albino animal. The clowns will also develop dark spots on the pelvic fin as they mature, and the color is definitely influenced by the type of food they are being fed. The proper diet will make the orange a bit brighter, but should only affect the orange coloration according to Proaquatix. When we first saw this clown, we were immediately reminded of the Albino Clownfish from Marcel Triessl, which first showed up in the middle of last year, but this latest offering should be the first time an albino clownfish has been offered to the public.

These unique clownfish from Proaquatix aren’t quite available to the masses as of yet, but we keep hearing rumors that they’ve moved the release date forward slightly and we should be seeing the clowns in no time.


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