Karen Talbot Creating Beautiful Art Before Our Eyes


Karen Talbot Banggai Cardinalfish

Karen Talbot, the famed conservation artist and illustrator for the Banggai Rescue project, is here at MACNA and she’s painting an amazing piece right before our very eyes. She’s right in the middle of a huge Banggai cardinalfish that’s already shaping up to be a beautiful piece of work, and one lucky person will get to take this original artwork home with them as it is part of the gigantic raffle that’s taking place throughout the show. If you’re not lucky enough to win the Banggai piece but still want to decorate your home with some lovely fishy artwork, Karen has a ton of other pieces for sale in her gallery/booth. Her art ranges from freshwater species to saltwater, and each of them is so well done that we can guarantee it will be hard to pick a favorite.

For more information on Karen’s artwork, be sure to visit her website at Karen Talbot Art. If you’d like to know more about the Banggai Rescue projected, please visit this noble cause at Banggai-Resuce.

Karen Talbot Artwork


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